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He is born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he lived until 2001. The same year until 2010 he lived and worked in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and from 2011 he lives in Barcelona (Spain). He studied Fine Arts at the Fine Arts School "Manuel Belgrano" and at studios and ateliers of different argentine artists in Buenos Aires.
His artistic interests made him to investigate several areas and disciplines including painting, sculpture, objects, theatre and video. All of them relate to his necessity of studying the space. Since 2003 he works at a series of object-scale models that take part of a tribute to the theatre and sets with animals in front of a piece of art.

Fine Arts exhibitions in The Netherlands:

  • February 2003: The Centrum Beeldende Kunst of Rotterdam accepted Sanz as an official artist.

  • March 2003: he starts working on the new project in tribute to the theatre.

  • September 2004/2005: Exhibitions at the events "Vrouwentongen" and "Tangoworks" in Rotterdam.

  • February 2006: Gallery Linka (Amsterdam)"Latin American Biennal"

  • April 2006: Treehouse Gallery (Amsterdam)

  • November 2009: Boijsman Museum (Rotterdam)Private Jos Exler's Fashion aniversary. SOLO

  • January 2010: Schouwburg Theatre (Rotterdam) SOLO

  • April-May 2010: Centrum Beeldende Kunst (Rotterdam) SOLO

  • November-December 2010: Galerie Stevens (Maastricht) SOLO

Fine Arts exhibitions in Buenos Aires:

  • 1989: Selected for "ICI Del sueño al objeto -from the dream to the object" (within Bienal of Architecture)

  • 1991: Pre-Bienal of Young Art (Cultural Center of Recoleta)

  • 1991: Mention Sculpture "New Bienal of Young Art" (Puerto Madero)

  • 1992: Collective exhibition at CREARTE (Foundation Bank Patricios) Sculptures and installations.

  • 1993: Installations at KIT KAT Club (October) and THE PROBE (December)

  • 1995: Selected BRACQUE Award (Embassy of France in Argentina and Foundation Bank Patricios)

  • 1996: Second National Salon of the Sea (Mar del Plata)

  • 1998: "Ave Porco" (gallery of the theatre) ("Reliquaries under a magnifying glass")

  • 1999: Gallery of Adriana Budich (Collective "That object of desire")


  • 1992: He films, performs and directs "Cosa e'mandinga" (Mention of audience First Argentine Festival of a minute-video)

  • 1993: Selected for "Video Fest 93" (Medien Operative Berlin) because of "Cosa e'mandinga". Exibitions in Berlin.

  • 1993: Mention from S.A.V.I for his video "Tu amor me está matando" ("Your love is killing me") Cultural Centre Theatre General San Martin. (Production, realization and direction)

  • 1994: His video "Your love is killing me" is selected for exhibition and competition at the "Video-Fest 94" in Berlin (Germany) with a contract for further exhibitions.

Theatre (Set, costumes, Direction):

  • During years 1991 to 1998 he worked as designer of set and costumes for several theatre plays: "A Destino" (by Roberto López, Theatre Espacios). "Las Tilas" (costumes by Elba Bairon) in Die Schule, C.C.Ricardo Rojas, "La Cuquita" in Club Caniche and "Las Guaranís" in Bauen and Gandhi theatres (all of them theatre plays by Emeterio Cerro). He collaborated also in "Los Olés" (by the same author) as an assistant and adding objects to Elba Bairon's set (Die Schule, C.C.R.Rojas). He also was the director and producer of "Las Guaranís" (Bauen Theatre, 1995. Foro Gandhi, 1996).

  • Direction and sets of "The tango conference" (monologue within Tango Works Festival organized by the dutch group Cuartito Azul, 2003), "Tangoware" (monologue, 2004, same Festival) and "After hours" (Tango-Theatre spectacle, 2010, Meekers Theatre) Rotterdam.


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